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frequently asked client questions

For your convenience, our most frequently asked client questions are answered right here.


For your convenience, our most frequently asked client questions are answered right here.

Q:   What is Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)?

A:   WBC exposes the skin to extreme cold. This causes the central nervous system react in ways that will boost the flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood throughout your body, removing toxins and reducing inflammation. Endorphins are released, relieving pain and elevating your mood.

Q:  Is WBC safe?

A:  It is absolutely safe. Within the chamber, your body is surrounded by nitrogen gas to get the extremely low therapeutic temperatures required, while your head remains above the chamber so you can breathe normal oxygen from within the room. Throughout the process, you are constantly monitored by a trained 40drop technician.

Q:  How long does it take?

A:  Each cryotherapy session lasts just two to three minutes. You can end the treatment at any time by stepping out of the chamber. Including the post-cryotherapy warm up, your entire visit should take less than 15 – 20 minutes.

Q:  Is there anyone who should not use WBC?

A:  You should avoid WBC if you are:

  • in any stage of pregnancy
  • using a cardiac pacemaker
  • undergoing cancer treatment
  • suffering from deep vein thrombosis
  • have had an acute or recent myocardial infarction
  • have severe, unmanaged hypertension
  • have acute kidney or urinary tract diseases
  • suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome
  • have open wounds or a fever
  • are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Q:  Is it comfortable?

A:  For most clients, cryotherapy is described as refreshing. A few clients will experience a ‘pins and needles’ sensation toward the end of the session, but it disappears immediately after the treatment ends.

Q:  What do I wear?

A:  Most clients wear either a swimsuit or underwear. 40drop will supply a robe, thick socks and gloves. All metal jewelry must be removed.

Q:  Is one session enough?

A:  Most clients will experience some positive effects after their first session. You will get the benefits of the endorphin release, and therefore you will feel some pain relief and mood elevation. To get the maximum result, many of the other benefits require a series of treatments.

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