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40Drop CryoCenters Brings Cryotherapy to Cedar Rapids

40_Drop-FPO-no-tag-webWhole Body Repair, Renew, Restoration with Extreme Cold Therapy

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – 40Drop CryoCenters, in its mission to offer life-improving therapies for the whole body, announces the launch of a cryocenter in Cedar Rapids.

Todd Diestler, founder and CEO of 40Drop CryoCenters said that while the CryoCenters’ saunas are the most technologically advanced and state-of-the-art, the practice of using cold to assist with pain relief and recovery has been around forever. More than 30 years ago, doctors in Japan discovered that exposing the entire body to extreme cold for short periods had many other benefits as well. “Exposure of the body to temperatures as low as -260 degrees – for just a few minutes, causes the body to respond by releasing endorphins and nutrient-rich blood throughout the entire body,” said Diestler. “That is how you speed up recovery from injury or intense workouts, relieve pain, elevate mood and realize many other benefits.”

Diestler said the company began facility renovations in early July to accommodate the cryosauna, a post-therapy exercise space and changing rooms.

Diestler said cryotherapy centers have been opening around the country, including in Des Moines, but there is not yet one in this area. 40Drop CryoCenters’ location in Cedar Rapids, at 568 Boyson Road, will be opening in August with a grand opening celebration and specials to allow everyone to give it a try.


About 40Drop CryoCenters
40drop CryoCenters uses cryotherapy to help people recover from injury and fatigue faster and improve overall health and wellbeing.
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Release Date:  July 11, 2016  * Published in CBJ Business Daily Tuesday, July 12, 2016 & CBJ Small Business Thursday July 14, 2016